A Brief Introduction to FINE CHEMICALS 


              FINE CHEMICALS is a journal of the Departmental Committee of Fine Chemical Industry of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, a Journal of China Fine Chemical Industry Association (Arranged), a Science & Technical Core Journal of China, a sort of core periodical of China Chemical Industry and China Light Industry, which is sponsored by China Haohua (Dalian) Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.. The aim of it is to provide an academic exchange field in the fine chemicals circle and to serve as a link transforming achievement in scientific research into productive power. It is issued openly both at home and abroad. This journal is one of the first lot of periodicals edited into the China's Academic Journal(in CD) (CAJ-CD) and one of the world wide 1000 periodicals most frequently cited into the CHEMICAL ABSTRACTS(CA),a portion of articles of which had been selected/extracted into ENGINEERING INDEX(EI),Japan's CURRENT BIBLIOGRAPHY ON SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY(CBST), Russia's REFERATIVNYI ZHURNAL(PЖ), etc. The full text in the FINE CHEMICALS has been entered in the China journal net through http://www.finechemicals.com.cn. The report scope of the journal covers all fields being newly developed in science and technology for China's contemporary fine chemicals, the main columns of which are as follows: surface active agents, leather chemical commodities, perfume and essence, starch chemical products, organic electrochemistry and industry, water treatment media and reagents, rubber compounding ingredients, plastic additives, textile dyeing/finishing auxiliaries, acrylic series chemicals, oil-field chemicals, biological engineering, functional materials, food and feed additives, adhesives,  anti-oxidizing/mildew proof preservatives, intermediates for fine chemicals, newly rising industry for fine chemicals, etc.

       The  FINE CHEMICALS is published monthly and presented with the research reports as the main item together with the marketing activities and documentary summaries as the subsidiaryThe journal is to undertake propaganda business of black/white and coloured advertisements for clients both at home and abroad with a reasonable price in an excellent printing. Welcome to make use of the FINE CHEMICALS monthly. FINE CHEMICALS Issue No.: ISSN 1003-5214,CN 21-1203/TQ Foreign Distribution Code No:4624 M Foreign Distributor: P. O. Box 399 Beijing, China International Book Trading Corp The editorial office of the FINE CHEMICALS will be pleased to handle the subscription to the journal at any time for one who missed the regular subscribing occassion. Subscription, contribution and publishing advertisement to the journal will be welcome.

        Advertisements price is:Black/white(210 mm×297 mm):15001800RMB;coloured(210 mm×297 mm):30008000RMB.


Fine Chemicals Ethics Statement


       Fine Chemicals implements the "third review" system for manuscripts received, and is committed to maintaining high standards through a rigorous peer-review together with strict ethical policies. After the acceptance of manuscripts, strict implementation of the "three proofreading" is performed to ensure that the error rate is far less than 2/10000. Any infringements of professional ethical codes, such as plagiarism, fraudulent use of data, bogus claims of authorship, should be taken very seriously by the editors with zero tolerance.

       Fine Chemicals follows the Academic publishing specification-Definition of academic misconduct for journals. The submitted manuscript should not have been previously published in any form and must not be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.



Address:201 Huangpu Road,High Tech Zone,Dalian,China
Editor in Chief:HAN Jian-guo
Vice Editor in Chief:XUE Gui-fen;CHEN Qu