Research Progress on Preparation and Application of Flame-retardant Nanocellulose-based Materials

1.College of Textiles and Clothing,Qingdao University;2.Shandong Zhongkang Guochuang Research Institute of Advanced Dyeing &3.Finishing Technology Co, Ltd;4.Shandong Zhongkang Guochuang Research Institute of Advanced Dyeing & Finishing Technology Co, Ltd;5.College of Textile and Clothing, Qingdao University;6.Shandong Zhongkang Guochuang Research Institute of Advanced Dyeing & Finishing Technology Co., Ltd

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National Advanced Printing and Dyeing Technology Innovation Center, Innovation Center Scientific Research Fund Project (2022GCJJO5); State Key Laboratory of Biopolysaccharide Fiber Forming and Ecotextile (Qingdao University)(ZDKT202110); Postdoctoral Innovation Project Funded by Qingdao Postdoctoral Program(QDBSH20220202071)

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    In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people"s awareness of environmental protection, bio-based materials are receiving more and more attention. As an emerging bio-based nanomaterial, nanocellulose has excellent mechanical properties, surface chemical modifiability and other characteristics, which shows great potential in many application fields. However, nanocellulose is a highly flammable material, which greatly limits their applications. Thus, the construction of flame-retardant nanocellulose materials is beneficial to expanding its application areas. This paper mainly introduces common methods for preparing flame-retardant nanocellulose based materials, including intrinsic flame-retardant nanocellulose materials and flame-retardant nanocellulose-based materials with additives. Several major types of flame-retardant nanocellulose based materials (membranes, aerogels, filament, etc.) and their applications are summarized, and the future development directions of flame retardant modification of nanocellulose are prospected.

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