Preparation and Properties of Flexible Self-polishing Marine Antifouling Coating

1.Marine Chemical Research Institute,State Key Laboratory of Marine Coatings;2.Marine Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd.,

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    We have developed an anti-fouling coating with excellent flexibility suitable for the surface of elastomer substrates.The first a flexible silyl ester acrylate resin with self polishing property was synthesized, further increasing the flexibility of the matrix resin by adding low molecular weight toughness resin for external plasticization. A flexible self polishing anti-fouling coating was prepared using acrylic silane ester resin and a tough mixed resin Experimental results shown that the glass transition temperature of the resin was -20℃, it had good physical and mechanical properties. Further increase the flexibility of the matrix resin by adding low molecular weight toughness resin. Experimental results shown that the ratio was 7:3, the defects of the blend resin were the smallest compared with other ratios, and the compatibility of the resin was the best. A flexible self polishing antifouling coating was prepared by using acrylic silicone resin and toughness mixed resin. The flexibility of the antifouling coating was Grade 1, the adhesion on the surface of elastomer substratewas 4.0MPa, After 60 days of testing, the water absorption of the coating is between 1.1% and 1.2%, within a reasonable range. The shallow water immersion test for 36 months had good antifouling effect.

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